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EP: 1 1/2 HOURS, 700

LP: 2 HOURS, 1000

Reissue with Bonus Tracks: 3 Hours, 1400

Jam Session*: Social date up to 2 hours, 250

*Including but not limited to, concerts, dinner, movies, museum outings

Reunion Tour: interested in meeting me with a friend? check this page out

*women & other providers, 20% reduction

Gold Record: 5 hours*, 2000

Let's catch a show together.

here are some other ideas.

We can sway together all evening and see where the night takes us.

*must include 2hr min. social outing* 

Platinum Record: up to 12 hours, 2500

Here’s to nights that turn into mornings, and talks over breakfast spent reminiscing on last night’s reckless abandon.

World Tour:

I’m open to traveling within the continental united states to you— But just over long weekends (Friday to Monday).

dates have to be a minimum of 5 hours (Golden Record), not including travel expenses.