Let’s leave restraint behind…

Unless of course, we want cuffs involved.

You’ve decided that it’s time to let go of notions of propriety, and that you’re ready to explore differently and discover more about yourself than you’d previously imagined.

I mean, that’s what you’re looking for here, right? You’re ready to up the ante, and try your hand at something, perhaps, out of the ordinary. It’s always more fun when you’ve got a guide who’s ready for faster tempos, long riffs, and heartbeats that sound like bass drums.

You’ve chosen well, Padawan.

I’m a kink enthusiast who takes her play seriously enough to focus on creativity, safety, and comfort while making sure warmth, wit, and laughter are always a part of our time together. I also know how hard it can be sharing the deeper, more recessed secrets of yourself with another, and how it can be difficult to cultivate relationships where you feel safe enough to do so. Trust that with me, your secrets aren’t only safe, but welcomed.

An expert never stops learning…

…and a muse always provides inspiration.

Always eager to broaden my BDSM and kink vocabulary, I identify as a switch who’s as open to giving as to receiving. Ranging from Goddess fit for worship to student ready for discipline, my mental flexibility allows us both to push the boundaries of our own sensual frontiers.

If I’m honest, we’re only truly limited by the malleability of our imaginations. Let’s inspire one another to get dark, deep, and play on the edge.

Don’t hesitate. Reach out. Let’s provoke the creativity in each other.