Your concert consort


Meet Carmen:

…Creativity is a “give and take” process. Giving yourself over to your passions, excitements, and indulgences can (and should) be an intensely gratifying process with great rewards.

You’re here because you’re looking for someone to accompany you through the process, right? Someone creative and understanding, who’s interior smolders with a warmth that’s tangible.

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

What I’m looking for is someone who wants to inspire as well as be inspired.

Let’s bring out those parts of ourselves that others don’t normally see. I know this can be intimidating; exposing the most vulnerable and imaginative parts of ourselves is scary. Trust me, though. I’m a trustworthy partner, and the rewards are so worth it.

I’m fully aware that in addition to wanting to get to know each other, we’re visual creatures, right?

My photos are accurate and current, for those curious to know. My skin is somewhere between ochre and raw sienna; a rich tan that wraps my hourglass curves. Keeping fit is important- you’ll notice that my figure is both firm and supple the all of those proverbial right places. Dark, long hair oftentimes falls to conceal big, soft brown eyes. I’m 5’5” in the ballet flats I prefer to wear.

My photos also give you a glimpse into our time together; warm, fun, and even a bit soulful. Any creative endeavor is sure to have some depth, after all.

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Beyond sexy lingerie, smooth skin, and tousled hair lies the calmness of what some would call an “old soul.”

A vast music collection filled with classic and esoteric rock records including Zeppelin, Sabbath, and a healthy dose of Zappa are all too familiar and oftentimes overlooked. My favorite way to get to know you? Sharing our favorite records and waxing poetic about the intricacies and nuances of our favorite songs.

Get your playlists and records ready- I’ll make sure there’s bourbon and candlelight.

Music taste is incredibly personal- sharing old favorites and discovering new ones is a “give and take” process that gets us ready to share, give, and take so much more.

I’m ready to share when you are.

I’ll be your muse if you’ll be mine.